Oven Cleaning FAQ

Do you follow covid rules?

Oven Shiners take great care to ensure COVID compliance and safety. Technicians will wear face-coverings throughout the cleaning process. On some occasions, however, while the technician is cleaning the oven with safety glasses, or their own spectacles, they may have to put the mask down to avoid steaming up the glass.

How do Oven Shiners do oven cleaning, and what products are being used?

Oven Shiners Ltd is specialised in oven cleaning and uses specifically developed bio-degradable cleaning solutions. Unlike other oven cleaners, we cook all removable parts of the oven in a dip tank which is filled with a non-caustic, chrome and aluminium safe water-based solution.

Oven Shiners’ technicians are capable of rescuing all ovens (domestic single, double, range, AGA and industrial) to near showroom condition within a few hours using our exclusive and unique cleaning system and product range which have no fumes. Our cleaning products are safe to use around people with asthma, children and pets.

Do Oven Shiners cover all surfaces around the oven?

All Oven Shiners technicians are respectful and polite to our customers starting from the doorstep by removing boots and walking to the kitchen either with socks or shoe covers. Before we start cleaning, we protect the surfaces around the oven (worktop, kitchen cupboards and the floor) with clean cloths.

Can Oven Shiners clean “self-cleaning” ovens?

Yes, Oven Shiners’ cleaning system is designed to cope with all types of ovens. We, as professionals in oven cleaning, do not recommend using the self-cleaning function as we have found it can be detrimental to the effective future operation of the oven.

Do Oven Shiners recommend DIY oven cleaning?

Never. Oven Shiners do not recommend DIY oven cleaning for the following reasons:

1. Oven cleaning products found in the marketplace are caustic based strong chemicals.

2. They can be harmful to both the oven and the person who does the cleaning.

3. Racks, screws, and fan blades can go rusty if the cleaner does not follow the instructions precisely.

4. Since these chemicals can also stay inside the fan area they can flow into the food while cooking which can be very harmful to health.

Why should an oven be cleaned professionally and how often?

• Greasy ovens may produce smoke and an unpleasant smell.

• The unpleasant smell may absorb into the food resulting in unhealthy and unpalatable cuisine.

• Food poisoning can be caused by offensive fumes produced when burning left-over food splatters and spills.

• Having a greasy fan, oven roof and walls hinders the proper air circulation within the oven leading to unevenly cooked food.

• Baking food inside a greasy or dirty oven can be a serious FIRE HAZARD.

• Professional oven cleaning will extend the lifespan of the oven.

If the ovens are used for preparing traditional meals for day-to-day requirements Oven Shiners recommend a professional cleaning once a year. Our professional oven cleaners will do a thorough inspection of the functions of the oven and will report if any are faulty.

Do Oven Shiners carry replacement spares?

Yes, Oven Shiners’ technicians do carry oven lamps, lamp glass covers, oven liners and extractor filters.

8. Do Oven Shiners repair ovens?

In some cases, if the customer has already purchased door seals, our technicians could fix them free of charge. If the heating element is gone and the customer already has the spare part, our technician would replace it at an extra cost.

If the door glass of a range oven is unglued, our technician could re-glue it at an additional cost. Most of the time we recommend another company to attend to repairs who specialise in fixing ovens.

Is Oven Shiners Ltd fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

What oven cleaning training is given for technicians of Oven Shiners?

All technicians of Oven Shiners Ltd are given one-month on-the-job (actual customers of Oven Shiners) training to the highest standards in the trade.

How do I do book an oven clean with Oven Shiners?

Giving us a telephone call is the quickest and easiest way to book, we can have your booking sorted in just a couple of minutes by phone. Texts, emails and WhatsApp messages can take longer.

Why Use Oven Shiners?

We don't just clean your oven. We bring it back to near showroom condition.

We use non-toxic, non-caustic products and a van mounted heated dip tank.

Professional oven cleaning prevents fire hazards & can pro-long the oven's life.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Oven Shiners Ltd have been established since 2013 and have over 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry. We provide one off specialist cleans or regular maintenance cleans to keep your carpets and upholstery looking their best.

Using the latest carpet and sofa cleaning equipment, we can clean your carpets and sofa with eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning solutions to protect the colour and texture of your carpet and upholstery.

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