Oven Cleaning Process

Return your oven into NEAR SHOWROOM CONDITION with ECO friendly chemicals and Bio Oven Cleaning

It is vital that the chemicals which are used to clean ovens are safe. Most of the chemicals sold in the marketplace today are caustic and toxic which can be very harmful to human life. Some of them could be even cancerous.

We Oven Shiners as a professional and responsible company in the cleaning industry only use 100% bio-degradable chemicals which are specially developed for the process.

Therefore, you can be assured that our chemicals are non-toxic, non-caustic and fume free. In short, they are ECO friendly.

Deep cleaning of an oven is a time consuming and technical task.

Back panel, fan, side panels, bulb and its glass cover and chrome racks are cleaned properly in order to remove burnt fat and grease.

The hardest job is cleaning the inner roof of an oven. Dismantling the door and clean all glasses in and out and fix them back properly is another challenging task for the technician.

For these reasons, we believe that unlike other domestic cleaning, oven cleaning should be done by professionals.

All technicians of Oven Shiners are highly trained by a professional body. Therefore, let your most hated job be handled by us professionally.

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