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Oven Shiners Ltd
Dual Carpet & Oven Cleaning Franchise

Oven Shiners Limited are offering a dual franchise opportunity – an unique oven cleaning and carpet cleaning franchise.

Working yourself to the bone to line someone else’s pocket is no fun. And combined with a poor work-life balance, a capped salary and a lack of autonomy, it’s easy to see why you might be fed up and looking for something new.

Well, what if we told you that we have the answer? One that allows you to be your own boss, have earning potential of over £1,000 per week, and receive first-class on-the-job training.

Benefits Of An Oven Shiners Franchise

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Invest Wisely With An Oven Shiners Ltd Dual Cleaning Franchise

Oven Shiners Ltd is the first company to offer a dual franchise opportunities in the UK, a fantastic franchise opportunity for those who really need to be their own boss. Oven and carpet cleaning are very much parallel opportunity in many households in the UK creating two revenue opportunities to keep you busy.

Oven Shiners Ltd, unlike other franchise businesses do not take your hard and earn money back into our pocket, claiming 0% on sales. We have a very reasonable plan for you so get in touch with our franchise specialists by clicking the buttons below.